Boutique Style...

The dictionary defines a boutique as, "a small establishment that is fashionable and sophisticated and sells clothing and/or accessories." I want you all to know the difference between big box chain fashion and boutique fashion. 10 out of 10 times the big chain has a myriad of the same pieces. You can find them in several different colors, styles, and sizes. The draw back is that the specific piece can be styled to fit your unique personality but does not carry that boutique vibe. Most times it says, "I was one of one million and she chose me!"

At the boutique you will find six of the same pieces maximum; to include only two in each size. At the boutique you will find an array of patterns, vibrant colors, in fits and fabrics that are rare in the larger department stores. True boutiques are run by entrepreneurs who have sacrificed incomes and sleep deprived nights in order to bring their customers pieces that cannot be found on corporate websites. Why should you support the slighter higher price of the boutique; because the quality is guaranteed.

Before seeking out the cheapest price at the department store and run the risk of someone saying, "I have that same..." shop small and remain uniquely you!

-Sabrina B.

Lead Stylist, Couture 4 U

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