Don't Compromise...

After sitting and talking with a sister friend of mine, we found ourselves talking about the importance of not compromising. I want to remind all of my followers that as we head into a new year of transition and manifestation; compromising your self-worth is not an option. Too many times, we as women tend to dull our shine in order to fit within the shadows of others. No longer will you compromise your talents, your products, your services, even your smile in order to fit in where you in all actuality, don't belong.

There is a toy that teaches shapes and colors. The ultimate goal of the apparatus is to teach the young learner that a square peg cannot fit into a circular hole. My dear friends you were not created to be a "fit in", you were created to be a "stand out".

Now go and put on your highest pair of heels, your brightest lip stain, and walk out life as if it were your own personal runway.

-Sabrina B.

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