Fashion Finds for 2020

Well, as always fashion is constantly changing. So I wanted to talk briefly about the hottest trends in fashion for 2020. It appears that we are going back into the 80's and 90's and grabbing some of those "blast from the past" ensembles that made some of our parents cringe each time we stepped out the front door. Here are just a few of the top picks for the year.

1. sweat shirt crop tops

2. statement jewelry, big and chunky is back!

3. baggy jeans... who remembers these?

4. combat boots...I'm sure most of us born in the 80's had a pair!

5. over sized clutch bags

6. mini and micro clutch bags

7. color schemes, this year consist of metallics and brights

Ladies don't be afraid to be a trend setter. Mix it up, and make the statement. If you are wondering where to find some of these hot ticket items with a frugal price tag...your local thrift store is where you will hit the jackpot for sure! If at anytime we can be of assistance, submit your request online by selecting Wardrobe Consultation and I would love to join you in your shopping extravaganza!!


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