I Am Who I Am!

The statement above is one that we take for granted many times. Ladies we spout the adage without clearly realizing that who we are is who God created us to be. As a Ministry Image Coach it is my deepest desire to see others excel in this everchanging world of fashion but never lose their true identity. My slogan is a manifestation in itself, simply because the only assignment that I am required to complete is to "simply enhance your already phenomenal style." Ladies I want you to remember that regardless of your size, your shape, the height or weight... YOU ARE WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE! We all cannot be a size 2 nor can we all be a size 22, but whatever your calling walk therein (a biblical reference).

I am called to those women in Ministry. I have found my place and have been riding in this space for quite sometime now. Even when I attempt to deter from who I am; God pulls the reigns and brings me right back. My mentor has been teaching us how to live a camera ready life. That is not to say that we are in makeup and heels on a daily basis but when it is time to show up, we show up and command the room. Life now has us in front of the camera more often than we care to acknowledge but making sure we are prepared is what will ultimately make the difference.

Repeat after me Couture Cuties...I AM, WHO I AM, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!


Coach Sabrina B.

Lead Fashion Stylist

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