My body is not made for....

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

How many times have we said that to ourselves? "That looks good on her." "She has the body for it." These are the declarations that we make on a regular basis as women. Let me help you kill that mantra. Sis, you were made in His likeness and His image, therefore there is no excuse for not stepping outside of your comfort zone and being authentically you.

Now before you step out, let me assist in your adventure, be sure you are wearing the proper undergarments. The reason why she "can" wear it and you feel as though you "can't" is because she is wearing shape wear, Spanx, a girdle, or whatever you choose to call the garment necessary to smooth out all the areas that may be a bit "animated".

Shape wear can be purchased in most any retail store, but there are a few tips to follow when choosing the size, material, and color that will be right for you.

1. Always go one size down when choosing your garment.

2. There are different types of shape wear; compression, lifters, and support, make your decision based on your current needs.

3. In order to choose the best shape wear for your body type, focus on the area that you wish to decrease.

4. Shape wear with holes in the crotch area can be worn without underwear, yes ladies, they can be worn without underwear, that is the reason for the hole; aside from adding extra lift to the buttocks.

5. Most shape wear comes in nude or black, therefore as a rule of thumb select each color and you will always have an option.

6. And remember the cheaper the garment...well you know the rest!

If you would like assistance in choosing the best garment to fit your needs. Contact me today...I'm here to help!


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