Trends are Everchanging...

After a very tumultuous 2020, why not enjoy a bit of pop color, sequins laden metallics and slogan covered tees. This year ELLE magazine referenced being bigger and bolder as the seasons begin to progress. "The more you have on and the more it does not match; the better." It's a bit risque' for my taste but nevertheless we intend to take our style outside of the current box and allow it to burst out at the seams.

As an African-American female with an enormous amount of natural hair; heads always turn when my hair enters the room. But I digress, this years color palette consists of bubblegum pinks, gothic blacks, and monochromes. Today's way of life has changed the way that we meet, attend events, and even socialize. Social distancing is the new word of the day which forces us to create new ways to be our unique selves without getting too close to the next person.

Zoom, Streamyard, Twitch, Facebook, to name a few have become the new way of communication. But even in a virtual setting we must be aware of our appearance and our backgrounds. With that being said here are three tips that may be of some help:

1. Declutter your space. Remove items that are irrelevant to the current setting. Items that are just there for convenience; anything that would be a distraction to those who are watching.

2. Wear colors that are congruent to your brand and flattering to your eye color.

3. Choose accessories that are bold and draw attention upward allowing the full focus to be on you as the presenter and on the topic at hand.

(we will talk more about 2 and 3 in next week's blog post)

And remember, how you see yourself, is how you will see others!!!

Until next time...

Coach Sabrina B.

Lead Fashion Stylist Couture 4 U

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